Remote working - the 'new normal'

Helping you to assess and manage applications for remote working

Practically every organization is facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining business operations. Now more than ever, remote working is critical to keeping the business going and to enable future growth. The new normal and the increased demands, require IT to quickly adapt, build, scale and manage applications for remote working.

Virtual workspaces offer the most flexible and secure way access to apps and data. Employees can work from anywhere at any time on the devices of their choosing using all of the applications they are familiar with. Despite these benefits, organizations often lack the infrastructure and resources to manage virtual workspace applications. The sheer number of applications that most organizations have to deal with across the many deployment platforms – legacy, desktop, SaaS – presents a very real challenge.

Discover, assess, package and manage any on-premises or cloud-based application wherever it’s hosted.

Use any virtualization platform to streamline management and delivery.

We help you understand applications in use

Tackling the “new normal” you need a holistic view of applications, not only to monitor productivity and make sure operations are running smoothly but to understand their importance to operations. IT needs visibility of the desktop estate, how end points and applications are being used. System performance visibility is critical to see whether there are any stability issues.

Gaining this intelligence is the first key step to delivering an effective and efficient remote working solution.

Discover apps in use

With the secure Apps2Digital Windows Endpoint Agent, within minutes you can begin the discovery process that will identify all the apps in use across your organization. The discovery agent runs in any Windows end-point device and reports on all apps being used from inhouse or off-the-shelf desktop apps, to those running a service from cloud providers.

Assess and prioritize

Apps2Digital reveals all applications, desktop, SaaS, Microapps and web-based services that your users rely upon. Each is assessed and analyzed to determine what resources it requires and inventoried with a classification as to the level of importance to business operations.

The results

Rationalize – Analysis usually finds many unwanted apps or apps that have similar use in the organization. Reducing the number of apps means savings in licensing costs, less in the way of infrastructure dependencies, services and drivers resulting in improved stability.
Optimize – Uncover all the SaaS apps in use and measure their resource usage. By using Citrix Microapps, IT can reduce the amount of resources that browser hosted SaaS services consume. The process also ensures that endpoints can be adequately resourced so apps function correctly.
Control – Track all versions of an app that are running and, through automated packaging, enforce version control to ensure supported versions are in use.

Flexible Management

The demands of remote working in the “new normal” have shifted the emphasis of which applications to support. From supporting a subset of applications for key remote workers in the past, we now need to support a broader set of apps for a larger number and variety of workers. A one-size-fits-all management approach cannot not be flexible enough to support the application estate of most organizations.

Apps2Digital delivers a complete view of your estate and helps you to determine the specific requirements of each application to maintain them throughout their lifecycle.

Package and repeat

Apps2Digital enables packaging of applications using any virtualization technology. This flexibility enables IT to select the best virtualization platform for each app to support it efficiently and with stability. The formula capabilities of Apps2Digital not only enable automation of packaging but repeatability for evergreen computing. Using App-V, MSIX, native installation to on-premises / Citrix Cloud or Windows Virtual Desktop and physical Windows devices provides this flexibility.

The results

Predictable – Move application packaging to the latest technology, package as MSIX and MSIX app attach. From legacy to latest, migrate apps from Win7, 2003, 2008 to Win10, 2016, 2019, even when the install media has been lost. Prioritize only the most important apps to support reducing back end requirements and improve performance.
Stable – Using API calls to performance testing suites, user acceptability testing (UAT) is made simple. Automated UAT deployment testing ensures only stable app packages are deployed. Deliver as Microsoft MSIX app attach containers for simplifying Gold Images and creating stable builds.

Evergreen Reusable packaging formula using the most suited virtualization platform for each app and extensive automated UAT enables controlled and scheduled application refresh for evergreen application cycle. 

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