Supporting the digital wellbeing of your employees

Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our day-to-day lives both at home and at work. As organizations shift operations to support more remote working, employees are finding that once where collaboration was face-to-face, technology has taken its place and their work life is now predominantly digital.

While technology plays a helpful and critical role in our daily work life, it can also distract us and become counterproductive. As our lives become more technology integrated, employers have a responsibility to ensure the products and systems they deploy support the digital wellbeing of employees.

Digital wellbeing or wellness – the concept that when we interact with technology, the experience should support our mental and physical health in a measurable way.

A recent Gartner poll showed that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic. 

Understanding behavior

Organizations are rapidly embracing remote working to address the ‘new normal’. However, to support their wellbeing in this new digital reality employers need a holistic view of how employees interact with their digital world. Many employees may not realize how their working habits may be impacting their wellbeing. Observing how people use their digital environment is the first and key step to understanding their challenges and how effective their interactions are in supporting digital wellness.

Measure, inform, educate

In a workspace that has rapidly changed from the physical office to a digital office, employees face an additional challenge to getting their jobs done. Finding the right balance in their use of technology is not only essential to maintaining productivity but also promoting digital wellness. They may be unaware for example, of collaboration platforms that better support their day-to-day activities or perhaps the fact that they are continually distracted by email interruptions. Employers therefore need a way of helping them to reflect on their relationship with technology, and to provide advice and tools to help them achieve their personal sense of digital wellbeing.

Your view to employee wellbeing

Through Apps2Digital’s wellness dashboard, the assessment capabilities deliver key metrics of employee interactions with their digital workspaces. Using well understood measurements of wellbeing in digital environments, it provides employers detailed insights to help and guide employees to manage digital wellbeing.

The dashboard presents statistics across devices, applications, and users. Devices in use are reported by type, for example mobile and desktop with apps running inhouse and by service providers by categories such as productivity, collaboration and social platforms. User interaction is tracked to provide overall wellness indexes across the entire organization, across teams right down to individuals.

Visibility – Analysis of app usage across the entire organization, by department or by user across a day, week, or month provides visibility into working trends.


Set guidelines – Revealing the time spent using productivity, collaboration, and social platforms enables management to measure and set guidelines for best practices.

Guide wellbeing – Show employees how much time they have spent with different apps. Suggest break times for your employees and inform with configurable user alerts.

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