About Apps2Digital

Make every app a smart app

Make every app a smart app

The intelligent, fast and simple way manage on-premises and cloud-based apps.

Apps2Digital is an innovative cloud service that uncovers all the apps in use within your organization. It transforms them for automated packaging enabling you to deploy and manage all your apps in one place.

It’s smart modern management for all your apps wherever they are!

How does Apps2Digital work?

Application Search


Deploy our Windows Endpoint Agent and discover all the apps in use across your organization.  Our agent works in the background to report on desktop, web based and microappps. 

  • Create an organization wide application catalogue
  • Categorize apps based on importance to business operations
  • Report on application usage by users and devices
Application Assessment


Create an inventory and determine your priority applications.  Monitor applications through an app dashboard and track RAM consumption and endpoint OS usage.

  • Create a resource profile for each app to size hosting requirements
  • Download extensive reports of information gathered from your an point agents
  • Identify and track user installed apps
Automate Application Packaging


Automate app packaging with ANY platform and vastly improve your deployment efficiency.

  • Pre-defined packages for commercial application  
  • Reusable app packaging for consistent and repeatable delivery
  • Easily create your own packaging formula 

How can Apps2Digital help me?

Application discovery and insights

Application discovery & insights

Knowing what applications are in use across your entire organization can inform your strategies for disaster recovery, desktop transformation, mergers and acquisitions and more.

  • Deliver a clear and concise view of your application estate
  • Any application type, desktop, web, SaaS and micro apps
  • Understand resource usage by app and user
Evergreen app life-cycle management

Evergreen life-cycle management

Repeatable, automated testing and packaging for all applications. Deliver to any physical or cloud based desktop infrastructure from one place.

  • Built-in application catalogue with automatic and personalized categorization
  • Centralize deployment and package management for all apps and their components
  • Enforce app policies with automated testing and packaging
Micro App Discovery

Microapp discovery and publication

Understand how your organization uses SaaS and Microapps with automated and secure discovery, then configure and publish to Citrix Intelligent Workspace.

  • Improve productivity by identifying users and rolling out existing microapps
  • Build new Microapps for to streamline repeatable processes
  • Continuously monitor Microapps for changes and enhancements